Ads Filter
Version 1.2.77
Built on 04-Oct-2009

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Stop Banners and unwanted Advertisements in your IE

Learn what Ads Filter can do for you...

  • Prevents downloading of advertisements in Internet Explorer. Blocks any types of ads.
  • Blocks annoying popup windows.
  • Improves page load time and rendering speed.
  • Shrinks wasted space earlier used by adverts for more informative page look.
  • Completely integrated into Internet Explorer.
  • Supports gzip content type (compressed pages).
  • Supports both http and secured https protocols.
  • Runs on All versions of Internet Explorer since v5.5 under Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
    (Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.)

How It Works?

See how Ads Filter can help you to eliminate ads...

Removing Ads From Typical Web Page
Before With Ads Filter!
Web-page look before using Ads Filter

Optimized web-page look you'll get with Ads Filter
300Kb downloaded 40Kb downloaded

After you have installed Ads Filter it will block all attempts to get advertisements from the net. To catch banners and adverts our program uses filter set that can be easily redefined by user.

Moreover the Ads Filter not only prevents downloading of ads - it also adjusts the page look to clear wasted space earlier used by banners. So, you get the page that looks more informative and in most cases fits into your browser window.